Aluminum Write On Tags

Loma Industries, LLC

Aluminum Write-On Tags

Loma Industries LLC has been providing aluminum write-on tags to a variety of industries since 1975. We are trusted to provide these weather resistant tags to the military, civil service organizations, nurseries, mining companies and other organizations.

Our aluminum write-on tags provide a fast, easy way to tag mining claims, identify and label equipment or parts, or keep track of stock in such harsh environments as nursery greenhouses, refurbishing plants, and outdoor storage locations. These tags will retain their contents long after paper tags have been burned away, sun-faded, covered by paint, or washed off by corrosive chemicals.

Here are a few situations where our tags have been a significant benefit:

  • A military unit disassembles a tank. Each removed part must be labeled before being processed and made available for reassembly. The mechanic is working in a grimy environment that would smudge or destroy a paper label. Instead, she grabs one of our aluminum tags and writes on it with a normal pen, automatically embossing it. To attach it to a part, she slips a wire through the pre-punched hole in the tag and twists it around the part.
  • A mechanic removes an engine part that will be sent through a blast furnace. He writes on one of our tags and wires it onto the part. The paper burns away in the furnace, but the embossed aluminum remains intact and legible.
  • A nursery gardener wearing dirt-covered gloves prepares trees for storage in a humid greenhouse. The labels get dirty. The trees are watered regularly, destroying any hope of reading a paper label. With our write-on labels, the gardener writes on the aluminum tag, wire ties it to the plant, and rests assured that it will still be labeled when the time comes to retrieve the product.

Loma Industries is veteran owned. Our products are constructed with the skill that comes from being in business for nearly 40 years and the experience that comes from working in harsh military environments. We understand the importance that quality workmanship plays in keeping you satisfied with the end-product and work hard to maintain that quality.

Some Uses Include

  • Tagging Trees
  • Labeling Nursery Stock
  • Testing & Research
  • Environmental & Lab
  • Mining Industry
  • Oil Samples
  • Non-Production Machine Repair Parts
    • Outdoor Storage
    • Identification
    • Generators
    • Cable Splicing
    • Cable Reels
    • Coding-Dating
    • Meter